Meet The Animals

Current farmhouse animals:


Sara is a two-footed female of average height. She is not opposed to long walks along the beach at sunset. She has not yet been able to contact other planets or the queen, due to lack of trying.


Ander surrounds himself with floral pillow cases and doilies. He enjoys sunny days, short bike rides, long conversations, and productive but silly meetings.

Hobbies include the Purple Thistle, Eat The Rich, Condomania & PrideSpeak, ukulele, clowning, and collecting clothes.


Je suis un Camion.
I am not a meat popsicle.


i have roots on my head
and toes on the ground
and i wiggle and move
and i sometimes make sound

Also Starring:


This is Dan. He is 21. Watch Dan Learn. Watch Dan Cook. Watch Dan Motivate. Watch Dan be Lazy. Watch Dan Try to Juggle. See Dan Run. Dan constantly forgets things at Farmhouse. Dan thinks reading is a chore, but embraces learning. Dan wonders how long the New Age section at Chapters has been called that. Dan is Pondering about this summer and what to do. See Dan Run.

Alex F  – “something cynical…”

Mapris – Enjoys rice, sweet potatoes, carrot curry, turnip curry, mohawks, failing to update facebook, and being painfully socially awkward. If they come up with the ability to transform humans into mermaids, please inform me.







Former Animals:

  • Rin
  • Miranda
  • Caterina
  • D-Rock
  • Elissa
  • Gabriel
  • Solstice, our official Farmhouse Baby (not such a baby anymore!)
  • Margot
  • Mess aka Ali
  • Ferron
  • Kirsten
  • Sam
  • Max
  • Willow
  • The Goose [dog] (rip)
  • Sky [kitty] (miss you)
  • Kiko [kitty] (rip)

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