About The Farmhouse

Established in 2005, the farmhouse is a community-oriented collective house in South Vancouver, traditional Coast Salish Territories. It has been a home to people of many kinds, and served different purposes for each of us. Often, it’s a place to make friends for life, to learn, grow and be challenged.

Early Farmhouse Animals: Caterina, Miranda and Rin.

Our urban farm is one of our big projects. With permaculture as a guide, we have turned our yard from front sidewalk to back alley, into a wonderfully wild food garden. We strive to grow enough food to feed ourselves and others, working with nature with the aim to work less and to improve, rather than harm, the land.

summer 2010

Recent Residents: Alex, Willow, Kylara and Dan

We enjoy being silly and making tons of jokes, cooking, making music, and making art. See Meet The Animals to learn more the animals behind the farm(house). We can be reached at farmhouseyarden@gmail.com.

Header photo by Brett Beadle.


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