Amanda’s Everything Cookies

Amanda is the most fearless baker and cook I have ever met. There is nothing she is afraid to make, try or combine.

Today she made cookies and added So Many Ingredients! Like, everything in the house! I cringed as I watched her toss it all into the bowl, unmeasured and completely random, of course. But, to my surprise, as usual, they turned out delicously! We devoured the whole batch in about ten minutes.

Ingredients in Amanda’s Everything Cookies

  • almond extract
  • grated carrots
  • ground coffee beans
  • carob powder
  • oats
  • poppee seeds
  • icing sugar
  • ginger
  • banana
  • apple
  • whole grapes
  • puffed wheat
  • almonds

After cookie eating, we made music together, singing loudly. Here’s some photos from the evening:

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