an evening of pizza and candles

I came home to Dan, Sara and Amanda making candles, using beercans as moulds.

We started the pizza. Whole wheat dough. Flour, yeast, water, oil, and salt. We let it rise for one hour, then rolled it into the pans.

Before it went into the oven. A thick layer of pesto, a thick layer of pizza sauce, and a thick layer of vegetables. I splurged on vegan cheese, which I’ve never bought before. It was our first time eating “Daiya”, which came highly recommended by friends.

MEANWHILE.. Amanda unwraps a candle.

Dan looks closely at our new candles. Besides the wick, there are also garden herbs in them.

The rosemary in the wax catches on fire, creating a beautiful flame.

Burn, baby!

Pizza after cooking. The cheese .. sorta.. melted. It was melty and stringy once you move it, but it did look a lot like it did when it first went in. It was delicious. though!

We set the table with our new candles, and chowed down on the pizza. How did it taste? Lets just say, there was no crumbs left at the end of the meal, and Patrick, one of our resident meat eaters and a regular pizza purchaser said: “It was one of the best slices of pizza…I’ve had in a while”.

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