Greenhouse Snapshots

About our greenhouse.
Built by Erin several years ago, it is made of two by fours and heavy plastic. It is built off the back of the house, which besides being very convenient for our daily watering trips, allows us to let the excess heat from the greenhouse into our basement. We recently scored a bunch of large glass windows, and this summer we will be upgrading the greenhouse from plastic to glass. I’ll post pictures when it happens.

Most of the time we sprout our seeds in good soil taken from the garden. It’s working well for us and we don’t need to buy or make potting mix. A side effect of using garden soil is that there is lots of seeds already in it. Mostly this is a good thing: kale, borage, chickweed, tomatoes and sometimes even carrots sprout up among our “planned” seedlings and we couldn’t be happier about it. If a plant we don’t want sprouts up, we just pluck it out once it’s been identified. We do keep a bag of sea soil around for those times we want to be 100% certain about whats sprouting.

When a seed is first planted, we water the top of the soil with a spray bottle (we buy high-quality ones through Sara’s work because 1-2 dollar ones break quickly – save money, and plastic, and don’t buy them!). Once the seedling has grown a bit, we keep the roots wet by “bottom watering” – pouring a thin layer of water into the bottom of the tray the seedlings are sitting in. This way, they are not damaged by streams of water, you get to water the roots directly, and it even saves us time, too.

(tacky design warning! I have used this post as an excuse to download and play with as many funky/tacky fonts as possible.)

Now on to the photos ..

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One Response to Greenhouse Snapshots

  1. Erin says:

    Looks rad! I am a neighbour (less then 7 blocks away) and interested in collective housing, gardening more…. would love to come by and check out your garden!! Cheers, Erin (

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