Mushroom Marvel – Sara Posts!


fact: i hated mushrooms as a kid.

like most strongly flavoured ingredients (olives, garlic, truffles, seafood, wines, spices, “game” meats etc…), my premature tastebuds would become overwhelmed and repulsed, but as i have grown in my years, diets and experiences, i have learned to savour what i once shunned. many of us experience this…

my love and curiosity for mushrooms did not come from eating them (from table mushrooms to mushroom-tea) but stemming more from their uniqueness, beauty, symmetry and diversity

fact: the mushroom is the largest organism on earth!

“..they have a relative out west that occupies some 2,384 acres (965 hectares) of soil in Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Put another way, this humongous fungus would encompass 1,665 football fields, or nearly four square miles (10 square kilometers) of turf.

“The discovery of this giant Armillaria ostoyae in 1998 heralded a new record holder for the title of the world’s largest known organism, believed by most to be the 110-foot- (33.5-meter-) long, 200-ton blue whale. Based on its current growth rate, the fungus is estimated to be 2,400 years old but could be as ancient as 8,650 years”

i have been grateful to observe six species in our own yarden, so far; and a few others around precise parts of town, at precise times.

unfortunately i am not well trained in the art of identifying mushrooms….if it wasn’t for my prudent, caring roommates, i might have ingested  all these species without living to gloat about their taste and properties!

(remember: eating unidentified mushrooms COULD equal: death.)

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One Response to Mushroom Marvel – Sara Posts!

  1. Kylara says:

    what mushrooms did you get to eat?

    we are growing shiitake mushrooms at this farm. hundreds and hundreds of logs filled with shiitake. it is so easy and so awesome!

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