spring back into action!

1. Dan and I cleaned out the greenhouse, which took over an hour with two people. It’s SO tidy now, even the cat’s impressed.

2. We have started sprouting cold-weather greens and other fun plants! Feels great to be back into growing food again.

3. Dan took a pot with a radish seed into his bedroom, and it sprouted before the ones in the greenhouse! He’s now got a mini seed-sprouting operation going in his room .. and claims to be “addicted to sprouting”.

4. Getting back into the habit of cooking big soups, making big salads, and sharing good food. Less lazy = more tasty!

5. We have started accepting couchsurfers again on couchsurfing.com and are hosting a traveler this weekend. It’s a great way to meet new people, from different parts of the world.

I leave you with a few photos from Dan’s mobile phone:

that’s CAPTAIN Sara to you!
Dan gets serious with your dad’s glasses.
scheming, scheming…
procrastination: tools of the trade!
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