breakfast and lunch

I found these photos deep in a forgotten folder of my computer. For those of you who followed the original farmhouse blog, you remember we used to post loads of pretty food photos. I enjoy looking at old photos of our cooking adventures, attractively documented, and I intend to start taking food pics again. In the meantime, enjoy these old ones….

Click for fullsize.

yesterday's cake + free soy yogurt + blackberries from the backyard = fancy pants morning food

ingredients for soup!

In other news, Dan has challenged us to turn off our computers for a week, read a book, and do a presentation on the book at the end of it. I appreciated this challenge because I could definitely spend less time on the internet, and I haven’t read any fiction for a long time. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s presentations by the end of the week…

I recently finished a role of film on the camera, so look for new photo-inspired posts once that gets developed. Also, I’m thinking about doing a post where I interview farmhouse animals about what they like most and least about communal living. Any thoughts about what you’d like to know?

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2 Responses to breakfast and lunch

  1. Wannahan says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That’s my missing bowl! Top picture, middle bowl, top row! Please don’t break it, I want it back! It was a birthday present from a dear friend, one of a set of four, one of which I’ve tragically broken 🙂

  2. Ander says:

    Wannahan, that photo is from a very, very long time ago! However, now that I know what it looks like, I’ll keep a special eye open for it! I understand how important it is to you.

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