baby its cold in here… (featuring Tomko and Kylara)

Winter time is a cold time in the farmhouse. Our home is old and not well insulated. One way we keep the house warm is by sealing plastic over the windows.

This year before covering them, we placed pretty items on the windowsill. They will remain there untouched until summer time, just out of reach – like the display case at your favourite store, or a museum.

Tomko knows the best way to keep warm – permanently stay under a very warm blanket.

After the plastic was installed, we felt the desire to draw on it. Ideas were passed around until Kylara offered to provide her maze-drawing services.

At the time of writing the maze covers half of the window and includes a cookie, an apple bong, and the grim reaper. I don’t know what remains to be drawn on the rest of the window, but I hope more is added gradually as the winter unfolds.

What do you do to keep warm and occupied during the winter time?

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