The closest days are the ones most anticipated

Christmas, without denial, is in the air.

Regardless if you still feel the Christmas spirit or not there are clear signs of festivities. Whether it be in putting up an old sock above the fire or stringing popcorn on thread or even making a gingerbread house littered with candies and unhealthy, Christmas is in every corner of the western world.
Farmhouse is no exception. In fact, we have been very much up for the building of a gingerbread house, stringing of popcorn and hanging old socks above the fireplace! Maybe we should also put a tray of vegan peanut butter banana cookies out for Santa this year. He could stand to lose a few pounds, right?

This year will be my first holiday season away from anyone I have grown up with, and not to mention my first winter without an excess of snow! Why, I believe someone should come up with a song specifically for the west coast Christmas’. The lyrics of course would have to mention the lack of snow, and the horrible rut of rain we always get. But less bah humbugs and more cheery inquests!

I have “obtained” some holiday music for Christmas eve and Christmas day to set the mood. I can only hope the other Farmhouse Animals will enjoy the playlist I compiled. It is pretty eclectic if I may say, and I do. The only thing we need to really achieve before Christmas itself, is the gathering of Firewood for our fire. I really do believe that having a fire running on christmas is the best thing in the world. Though I have never experienced this myself, there is something about sitting in a living room with Christmas tunes rolling the the background and everyone just relaxing over egg nog (or other beverages) and just exchanging anecdotes.
How cheesy do I sound?!
I also hate to mention that Ander will not be with us this christmas holiday for he has decided to spend it with his Family back home, but im sure he’ll enjoy the time away.
I really do hope though, that he doesnt go for his Driving test (learners) until his return from vacation. That way I can go with him!

Well Everybody, thats it for now.

Let this christmas be as good as your perception allows, if  it isn’t don’t be a scrooge and blame people or christmas.

Mistletoe and all that jazz!


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One Response to The closest days are the ones most anticipated

  1. Ander says:

    I doubt our vegan cookies are going to help Santa loose weight.
    I like him fat and chubby anyway.

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