Some Autumn Photos

Kylara Digs Out A Pumpkin For Carving!

Sara Studies Pumpkin

Sara Carves Pumpkin

Ander Grinds Dried Oregeno. Before and After!

Sara Playing Guitar!

No Sara! Do Not Eat Poisonous Mushroom!

Home-Grown Melons and Squashes

Our Striped Beets

November Offers Fresh Salad

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2 Responses to Some Autumn Photos

  1. rin says:

    wow, what a cool place? Who are all these fascinating and beautiful humans? I sure wish I had such a rad place to hang out. I bet they change the world there every day.

  2. Corey says:

    Wow! Your striped beets are so big! Mine only grew to about two centimetres in diameter…they were in hard soil and weren’t watered enough.

    I hope the year is fairing you all well so far! If you need a hand with the gardening, let me know!


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