Tales from a dark night…

Hey Farmhouse followers, this is Dan “the Doctor”, bringing you our next update.

We just came off of great momentum with our recent party: Farmhain! The Sequel.  The event was topped off by one fantastic Haunted House, in which the Farmhouse acted as the cast. It went something like this:

Visitors were welcomed by the mysterious gate keeper (played by Tom). They traveled forth through a dark maze eventually to find a fresh corpse lying before them, their guts all over the table (played by the semi naked Kylara). Next to the corpse was the Sexy Doctors Assistant (performed by Sara) who gave a tour of her autopsy room and asked trivia questions of grotesque proportions.

The Temptress Assistant lead the visitors to the Doctor’s Chamber (played par moi). The Chamber was filled with Chicken hearts, a hanged boy, Signs of Satan, and livers and spleens strewn across the table. The Doctor faced around in insanity to berate the presence of these guests. Nonetheless the Doctor had them participate in the selection of fresh organs for his next project.

The sounds of Zombies in the night haunted the Doctor, and he began to force the visitors out, but he was attacked and killed by his worst abomination…ZOMBIE (Performed by Ander)!!! They left with gusto and were faced with one last character. The Robot (played by Patrick) who had orders to destroy the world…with Fireworks!!!

Soon we found ourselves outside and mingling, and we were congratulated on a successful event.

The rest of the night was filled with beer and drinks and the atmosphere of a good time. Friends and all enjoyed themselves. Perhaps next time you shall return and help resurrect Farmhouse 3(D)!

Our next activities since this monstrous event have been minor in comparison, they are more important. We have been focusing a lot of our energy together cleaning up matters that have been now deemed urgent (by myself of course). We have finally painted Easter Island over. Easter Island is the room previously painted pink and purple, and filled with drawings and graffiti. These unhappy walls are now under the colour scheme of Sweet Tart Yellow and Sky Blue. Though those are still Easter colours, the rooms energy has been restored to something I believe will leave the tenants less stressed and consumed.

With November coming to a close, the Farmhouse will finally be restored to full capacity. With Patrick moving in, we are now waiting for our final roomate who will be moving in on Monday. Exciting!

Her name is Willow and we are looking forward to your arrival!

Until next time Farmhouse Animals!


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